Airboat Tours Homosassa

There is truly no better way to discover Florida than by taking a tour of the waterways and rivers by airboat. However, not everyone who wants to explore the waterways of Florida have a boat that can reach all the places that an airboat can, especially with how shallow some of the waters are. Will you venture out on airboat rides near Tampa? Perhaps you would prefer the bigger tours on airboat rides Orlando? The choice is yours.

What Are Airboats?

If you are considering enjoying one of the many airboat rides around the Ocala, FL you may be kind of curious about what they are. Airboats are flat bottomed boats that have a propeller that sits on the back of them to push the boat forward. There are no props under the boat which may get caught up in the marsh or to hit bottom on a very low tide. The fan is often powered by an automobile engine or sometimes the engine of an aircraft.

The propeller works the same as it would on an aircraft. It simply propels the boat forward. It is protected by a cage to keep objects such as tree limbs from getting into it and also protects wildlife from getting hurt if you are near a flock of birds or come across other types of wildlife. The airboat operator will steer the boat by using rudders and the whole design of the boat allows the driver to take it into even the shallowest waterways.

The fact that they float over the water also contributes to a constantly growing appreciation of airboats in the Homosassa and Crystal Rivers. It is an area where manatee swims freely in a protected environment and because these boats do not have motors like normal motorboats; they are less risky to manatees to take exploring than a motorboat. Their easy maneuverability, even during low tides and shallow waterways also makes them much more exciting in the Homosassa River area, where sometimes you may only have a foot of water between the bottom of the boat and the river bottom.

Where Will a Tour Take You?

There are airboat rides in Tampa and in other areas all over Florida. Everyone loves where these boats can take them and they all enjoy the fact that river safaris when done with an airboat are environmentally friendly. For this reason, some Florida airboat tours can also take visitors and explorers into the Everglades. The tour you get and the things you will see while on your tour will vary greatly depending on the area of Florida that you are exploring.

Some airboat tours will take you into creeks that a normal motorboat would not dare to enter. In these areas, you will be able to see mangrove islands, palm trees that are along hidden river banks, and the cedar trees that grow in abundance along the rivers. You will also have the ability to view alligators up close and personal, fish hiding in the clear waters, deer in the wilderness where they thrive happily, birds that you may never have the chance to see again, and so much more. Each trip out on an airboat is a unique, unplanned adventure waiting for you.

If along the way while on your airboat rides Homosassa, FL there is something that is noteworthy, your tour guide will often stop his boat to allow riders to take photos. If you could compare your photos to someone else’s who simply took the motorboat tour, who do you think would capture the most amazing photographs?

Looking for some excitement?

Wind through the back country of Old Florida on an adventure you will never forget.

Homosassa offers some of the most pristine saltwater marsh ecosystem that Florida has to offer. This experience is for the thrill seekers and the laid back alike. Your journey will take place in a majority of the Saint Martins Aquatic Preserve, 28,000 acres of saltwater preserve. Along the way, our captains will stop at locations t0 provide interesting facts and background information unique to this area. Additionally we will be searching out wildlife native to the Nature Coast such as alligators, herring, manatees, dolphin and many more.